Giant Postcard (Boley)

I've always though Col. Bill Boley came up with some of the more imaginative, yet simple advertising pieces. This big 6x7.5 inch postcard features "Famous men of Christian County", one of which, of course, was Col. Bill Boley, "the most famous ventriloquist in the South". (Artwork by Ed Harris).

You might want to research the famous people from your county. If I tried such an approach, my piece would be unusual since my county was wide open ranch land until just a couple decades ago. I'd have to feature elk, antelope, bison and livestock. I'm not sure how many ventriloquist shows that would book. (Although Alicia Dacoba has done quite well with a horse and pig.)

This rare original post card can be yours. EBay auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayIASPI.dll?VeiwItem&item=260846305060

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