Does anyone know of a source for "push eyes" like the samples pictured here? I've searched local stores as well as on-line, so far without success.

I need a pair of either clear/colorless or brown (size 20mm or larger) for the Knee Pal I am trying to modify to replace Brent Vernon's "Sam" who was stolen.

I do have other types of brown eyes, but they would change the appearance of the face - I am determined to match the original if at all possible.


  1. andrew9/02/2011

    Braylu sells irises... I think they only have them in 16mm tho. I think Lovik used 18mm or 20mm.

  2. I guess you can take off the paint of the pictures irises (using paint remover chemicals) and repaint them with your chosen color. I once made a grey iris brown using this method.

  3. andrew9/03/2011

    theres also a seller on ebay who sells them in the 16mm and 18mm sizes too... i used to buy my irises through them... their seller i.d. is "artfulbalance" they dont have any items listed as of right now, but you may be able to contact them and see if they have any left.

  4. If you get the amber iris from braylu, jus paint the backs brown and you will have beautiful brown eyes.

  5. Mercury plastics in new York used to manufacture these iris.

  6. The eyes in the picture are 16mm - I need at least 20mm...

  7. Braylu only has 16mm - I need larger...

  8. Anonymous9/03/2011

    Hi Clinton,

    I think I have what you need. They are amber (paint the backs dark brown) and I beleive 22mm.

    I put them in the mail for you today.

    Glen Rappold

  9. Sounds perfect, Glen. Thank you!