CrossCountry Crosseyed Granny

Question: "I came home from a trip Friday. When I got my ventriloquist figure, Granny, out of her suitcase, I realized she didn't survive the trip very well. There is something wrong with her eyes. Perhaps we went over a bump on the way home and something happened. If you can fix her, I would deeply appreciate it." Rebekah

* * * * *

From Mr. D: It's a real "downer" to pick up your vent figure and find something not working. I know - I've had it happen to me! Thank you for sending photos. That helps greatly. I do not recognize the maker of the figure from the photos, so I can't diagnosis the exact inner mechanical problem without opening the head, but I should be able to fix it for you in just a day or two so Granny can get back on the road without seeing double white lines. I will email you shipping details.

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