Why so much price difference?

Question: When the only difference is the height, do you NOT think that 900 dollars for a figure just as good as yours should cost that much?
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Answer: The height is not the only measure of a vent figure. You must also realize there is a difference in the size of the head, the size of the torso, the size of the arms, the size of the legs, the size and type of the hands, the type of wigs, the exclusiveness of the character and the number made, the way the head and hands are sculpted/carved/molded, the work that goes into the molding, the quality and design of the mechanics, the artistic quality and detail of painting, etc. These are the types of things you need to consider when selecting a figure. Believe me, there can be a huge difference in figures, even between those of the SAME height. Thus, the price difference.

All cars have four wheels and you drive them all from one point to another....so, why aren't they all they same price? Answer that question and then you'll know why all dummies aren't the same price, because the very same factors apply. If you don't understand, ask your parents.

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  1. Absolutely, I tinker in making soft Vent Puppet Full body dummies, It does start to add up in price as you put in various features,and if a true Artist - Vent Figure builder such as Mr. D. charged for his total time, and knowledge to create the figure, Making them Unique, which is a big worth wile valuable asset, then the Average person couldn't afford it, so some times some cut are made making the cheaper quality and less valued Figures, I prefer to call them a Figure, or puppet, rather then a Dummy, as It makes me feel funny trying to vent with one. As usually he makes me look like one. Enjoy the information and I hope my impute helped some how. Bill