Today's prize

This centerfold picture from Dialogue (Spring Issue 1991), was taken at Vent Haven Museum in 1950 and shows Finis Robinson (left) holding a Shaw figure that was the first "boy" of his Pal, Doc. George Boyce. On the right stands W. S. Berger, founder of the Museum.

Bob Abdou has provided several back issues of Dialogue to be given away. I will award one each day this week. This copy, featuring Mary Ann Taylor on the front cover, goes to: Rene Wallschlaeger.

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  1. Anonymous8/15/2011

    Great photo! Why oh WHY couldn't i have been born many years sooner so i could have known all those great people?!! Every photo like this makes me yearn to just climb right into it! I just MUST have been a vaudevillian in my previous life! LOL! Thanks for the time machine ride Clinton. Bill Smith