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From Mike Horner: I well remember from my youth growing up in Colorado the article from the Rocky Mountain News (this morning's post). That smaller head without a wig always intriqued me ...I really liked the look of it. Do you remember at all who the maker is?

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From Mr. D: Yes, I remember VERY well who the maker of that figure is - ME. The other figures are all Knee Pals that were in my shop for a variety of reasons (wig replacement, paint touchup, mechanical additions, etc.) The head in the bench vice getting a hair trim (above right) is a "Hank" with living mouth. Below is an inverted closeup of the four on the shop counter:

L-R: Gus McSnog, Narley, Theodore Bump, and the Detweiler head you pointed out (no name). Note: Narley was a limited edition Knee Pal from the family of figures designed by Dave Miller.

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