Reader Writes ...

From James F. Elliott

"Hi, Clinton. I just finished reading your NV Giveaway so thought I would drag out the case that I have kept everything from Maher Studios over the years (Envelopes, Invoices, Letters, etc) until NAAV membership was no longer to be. The electronic age may be quicker but I miss the old days.

"I just went through my collection of Newsy Vents (1985-2005) and my Maher Messenger (1992-1997). Every edition that I received was read from cover to cover, Catalogs dating from 1983-2005, other mementos that I collected over the years and stored elsewhere until NAAV membership was terminated by Maher Studios.

"I don't remember my original membership number because I can't remember when I originally joined (could be that old age is creeping in?) because somewhere during my membership it was lost and your wife reassigned a new one (556).

"My most treasured are letters from your daughter, Dawn, when she was in China. An article written in the Rocky Mountain News (5 Mar 86) under Lifestyles entitled 'Pulling Strings' was a very interesting article about you and I have kept it with everything else that I save over the years.

"Although it has been many years since we have seen each other and the correspondence we have shared has been limited, I haven't forgotten how special you and your wife are and always will be. God bless you, your wife, and your entire family."
* * * * *
Reprinted by permission

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