N/V give-away, Day #8

By 1990 Newsy Vents was being published bi-Monthly (six issues per year). I found three of those issues in the package sent to me by Bob Abdou to be used as give away prizes. Three from the year 1990 (above). The covers featured (L-R) Wayne Francis, Brad Cummings, and Todd Oliver. All full time professional vents. Know what else they had in common? They all began as youth and were working professionally as teens with full time careers by their twenties. And they weren't alone. There were at least a dozen of their peers that were doing the same. It's not that way today. Name me one professional full time ventriloquist today in the 20-29 year old age bracket. How does that project for the future of the art?

The set of N/V shown here is awarded today to Charles Varner.

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