Lord Alfred

I'm sending the Ray Alan items (see yesterday's post) to George Boosey. Alan's figure, Lord Charles, was an inspiration for George's own Lord Alfred, i.e., Alfred Lord Wingrove Worcestershire (above), a one-of-a-kind Chuck Jackson-Bill Nelson figure. Lord Alfred is a member of the House of Lords in search of his fourth trophy wife!

George Boosey has provided a number of collectibles for my prize drawings and with the above in mind, it seems only appropriate I take this opportunity to return the favor.


  1. P. Grecian8/16/2011

    That is a great-looking figure with LOTS of character!

  2. I'm glad George is getting the items, considering Alan's influence on him. Lord Alfred seems like a great character! Enjoy, George!

  3. Congradulations George, A job well done on your Lord Alfred figure, Also- and logically speaking for Mr. D. for his decision., It makes great sence to award that item to such a serious ventriloquist colector such as he, for Lord Alfred is alllsome! . William C. Duff

  4. That is one nice-looking figure!