"Little devil"

Charlie never looked so evil as this one has been made up to appear. (No, I did not do this "conversion" - I've never made a devil puppet or figure.)

The owner of this figure contacted me to inquire about a possible upgrade of this doll into a standard model (with hollow body, head on headpost and lever control for the mouth). His desire was to be able to use it in church to tell Bible stories.

Okay, while it would be possible to do the upgrade, I had to say, "Never, never, NEVER attempt to use such a character to tell Bible stories! Not only will it NOT be accepted by your audience, and end your career before it starts, but I believe it is totally inappropriate use of such a character. There may be a time and place for an acceptable use of a devil puppet in church, but one has to be very, very VERY careful."


  1. Anonymous8/14/2011

    I agree with you Clinton. I'm guessing there were good intentions behind their thoughts, but i think that's going a bit TOO far! Yes, though it must be hard for you to do, i personally would follow your instincts, & not get involved with this particular upgrade. Let some one ELSE "do the devil's work". Bill Smith

  2. I agree Clinton. Ventriloquism should bring JOY, not fear. Kids might be scared of that figure. The idea of a devil teaching scripture...that is unscriptural. I support you 100%.

  3. Anonymous8/14/2011

    With younger kids I agree that the character could create problems, but with teens I could see a devil character telling a story from his twisted point of view. Imagine the desert temptation story told by Satan who ended up walking away defeated. "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis is a great example of effective Gospel storytelling from the evil perspective.

  4. Anonymous8/15/2011

    I agree with you as well, Mr. D. How can you use a symble of satan to tell of God's love? I admire your convictions, Mr. D.

  5. Winkle and Wags8/18/2011

    Except for a Halloween decoration, I can't figure the purpose of such a figure. I've never thought of Satan as comedy relief in ANY venue. The only way I can imagine it for church use is to have another vent/puppeteer work him and have him defeated in any way you can. For cryin' out loud, it's bad enough that vents have to fight memories of DEAD OF NIGHT, MAGIC and "Twilight Zone" episodes without something like THIS commanding the stage. Previous posters are right on the money with their views.