Final Dialogue Give Away

This, the final Dialogue magazine giveaway, the Fall 1991 issue, features a lengthy report of the 17th annual Ventriloquist ConVENTion (1991). Marsha Hjulstrom and her Talking Tree were open mike performers and are pictured on the front cover of this issue.

One of the many pictures on the inner pages was a group shot of the 1991 contest winners:

(Left to Right) Senior contestant, Bob Mager; Originality Award Winner, Nick Pawlow; Senior Contestant, Yvette Campbell; And Junior Contestants, Joey Brunstetter and Denny Baker. (Photo by Bob Ladd)

I'm awarding this Dialogue issue via today's drawing to Nina Cooper.

My thanks again to Bob Abdou for providing these rare back issues for our daily prize drawings this week!

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