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  1. Quote for Fun!
    Head One, " I forgot, Are we Symeese Twins or WHAT Am I? I lost my body and I see my Head and I am Confused! I Thought I was The Star!!!
    Head 2. No and get it threw your thisk scull you Bodyless Wonder! No. Your No Star! You'r a Duplicate copy of me! I'm The STAR!!, *
    Your ONLY Used Just for extreme Emerhanyies!
    As a quick Tempory Back Up! Then It is Back in the Box For you! Then it's this stars Day back to Work - After some R.N.R at
    Mr. Detweilers Vent Hospital designed Especally for fantastic Ventriloquist Personalities such as my self!"
    Head One, " I am glad my Builder didn't give me an additute like that! Maybe Mr. D. Can adjust yours for you! and me as well as All of you Fans!!"