Bible Buck

While going through a stack of old Maher Catalogs a couple days ago I came across a "Maher Buck". And just a day later I received this note from Emmitt Grant:

"I keep a Bible in every room so I don't have to go looking for one when I need it. Yesterday I picked up my Daddy's old Bible and opened it to find a Maher Buck. You sent it to me when I took your Course in 1992."

Okay, let me think about this a minute - I find a Maher Buck in some of my old catalogs ... Emmitt finds one in his Bible... must be a lesson there somewhere....


  1. Anonymous8/30/2011

    Well would you look at that........I always thought that texting on cell phones was new BUT NO Clinton was ahead of his time - look at the note again (lower left, upper right) IM1 UKNB12.
    So maybe you can claim to be the "author" of texting!

  2. Oh, Please - don't blame texting on me - PLEASE!