At home with W. S.

Mike Horner sent me this vintage photo, asking if it could be of W. S. Berger in his Vent Haven Museum. I had not seen a profile photo of Mr. Berger so I asked Tom Ladshaw to confirm Mr. Berger's identity before publishing this post. Tom told me it was indeed Mr. Berger, and is one of the few color photos of W. S. making it doubly unique.

That comment reminded me that somewhere I have a short 8mm color home movie taken of myself talking with W. S. on the grounds of Vent Haven in 1970. On that same trip I was able to get a short movie clip of Adelia walking with Mrs. Maher on a waterfront pier in Michigan. Those old home movies have been transferred to DVD. I guess now I need to see if those clips can be put on YouTube. I need to have a talk with my granddaughters!

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  1. Anonymous8/30/2011

    I recognize Mr. Berger by his overbite and stoop, or leaning forward. He died in 1972. LeeDean