#7 N/V Give-away

Over a period of 40 years eight different figure makers built "hard" figures specifically to be sold through Maher Studios: Clinton and Kevin Detweiler, Howie Olson, Craig and Keith Lovik, Barry VanWert, Tim Selberg, and Tim Cowles. (Please note that Chuck Jackson is not on this list. Jackson did not build figures to be sold through Maher Studios, Littleton CO. Rather, he had his own workshop in California and sold figures through his own business.)

It was 1990 when we introduced three special edition figures made by Tim Selberg specifically for sale through Maher Studios. That relationship was relatively short lived, but several figures were sold, including the one pictured on the Jan/Feb 1990 issue of Newsy Vents shown here.

Also introduced about that same time was a line of custom one-of-a-kind woodcarved classics by Lovik, at least two of which are now owned and used by Terry Fator.

Today's' Day #7 set of N/V goes to Mimi Boheme.

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  1. Anonymous8/23/2011

    Tim Selberg did not stray far from that original look in a few that are still being marketed today. It is obviously true; when you have a good concept, enjoy it and use it. Unlike God, we have limited resources in creation. Thanks for the glimpses into the past, where roots are formed.