What's wrong with this picture?

Yesterday I was finishing the painting of three pair of hands for figures I'm completing, when I did a doubletake when looking at the hands hanging to dry. "Oh, no!" came out of my mouth!

I asked you readers to see if you could spot my error. I lost count of how many of you responded, but I can tell you that 37 of you correctly spotted that the two larger hands on the left are both right hands. But to quote Curtis Jones, this is a case where "two rights make it wrong"! Indeed. I'd like to say this was the first time I've made such a mixup, but that would also be a wrong, so I won't.

I promised a framed Bergen photo to the first person who would contact me, correctly identifying the error. As I mentioned, 37 of you did so, but Steve Brogan was the very first. Howie Myers caused me to take a double-double-take by creating a modified photo to send with his entry. See the post below.


  1. Anonymous7/16/2011

    Hi Clinton,

    Is it that there is no folded over area on the ones all the way to the left, at the end of the wrists where the sticks go in?? Bill Smith

  2. Anonymous7/16/2011

    Or that the ones all the way left are bigger?? {unless for a bigger figure} Bill Smith

  3. Canon John Jordan7/16/2011

    The two large hands on the left are both right hands.

  4. P. Grecian7/16/2011

    Only the middle pair are really a pair!

  5. P.Grecian7/16/2011

    Nope. Correction. The one on the left side is wrong. Same hand.

  6. Hi Mr. D. The first set of hands the larger pair are both the same hand. The right, Bill