Shop Talk

You have met "Otis" before. He is the figure I custom built for Pam Sterner some 35 years ago.

He spent the last week or so with me for a mechanical tuneup and repainting. ("Before" photo at left; "after" above.) His eyebrows were tattered so I decided to replace with new if I had a scrap of orange fur from which I could make the new eyebrows. Well guess what - when I checked my fur scrap bin I found the original piece of fur remaining from when I made his wig over three decades ago! A perfect match! Which goes to prove a couple things:

1) My Mother was right when she advised a person should not be too hasty to discard things because one never knows when they might be needed in the future. . . . and,

2) There must not have been a great demand over the years for figures with orange hair!

(Someone asked for a closer look at Otis' mechanics. See below.)


  1. Anonymous7/25/2011

    Yes Clinton, that was my request. Thank you! Marcelo.

  2. bob steininger7/25/2011

    all he needed was a 100 mile check up

  3. Anonymous7/25/2011

    Oh, i imagine that figure has traveled a wee bit over the 100 mile mark in these 35 years since Clinton made him. LOL! But with all that useage still looked GREAT! A true testement to the artistry that IS Mr. D! :)

  4. Anonymous7/27/2011

    It looks like he has wiggling ears as well - am I right?
    If so he truly has everything!
    Geoffrey, Australia.
    PS the new paint job really makes him come "alive!"

  5. Yes, he does have wiggling ears - I should use that animation more often. Very fun.

  6. I love how Otis looks and we have already been performing. We did the Christmas party for the League of Women Voters in D.C. Thank you so much for making him and for giving him his makeover. He said he loved seeing you again, but that the brain surgery was a little uncomfortable.

    Pam Sterner