Joe Radle 1935-2011

"Capt." Joe Radle was a frequent contributor to, and good friend of this blog. I just received word today of Joe's death, June 3, 2011. Joe was well known for his photo cartoons that featured his ventriloquist friends making humorous comments about life, usually political in nature (which is why you didn't see more of them here). But they always communicated in a creative manner Joe's enthusiasm for life and his concern for his fellow man. He'll be missed.

Joe was an artist is multiple media. In Joe's honor and memory I have a special prize to award today. It is a framed display featuring photos of two of Joe's pencil drawings from 2006. The subjects are General Robert E Lee (left) and General T.J. "Stonewall" Jackson (right). This is a special interest item, so rather than award it through a general random drawing, a special drawing was held among those specifically interested in owning it.

And the winner is Ron Schultz, Topeka, Kansas. Ron gives presentations on the war for area Middle Schools and High Schools and has participated in reenactments at Wilson's Creek Battlefield in Springfield, Missouri.


  1. I am deaply saddened and empty to hear of the death of my great friend and fellow Vent-Artist extroidinare, I was lucky to have the peasure of getting to know him this last year or so, Thanks to your sight. He was an amazing Artist in many forms. I had the pleasure of having him put me on his Personal e-mail list where I have saved and collected many of his fantastic work, and I will put them in a file for future friends to see, and I thank you for having your sight, as I owe it to you and this sight for all of the interesting and worthwile thinks I learnt on here and for the people you introduce here. Thanks again for introducing this unique and special man for me to meet, and I am also so bleasses that you are there to carry on a great gift that the winner will truly enjoy and cherish for eternity, God Bless Capt. Joe, I am sure God has great plans for him, as I am sure he will be intertaining angels for eternity, Myabe I will get lucky and go to heaven and meet him some day and say thank you for being my friend, also Thank you Mr. D. for all of your efforts and for this great blog that made it possible for me to get to meet Such a talented and interesting fun loving and amazing Vent Artist. He will be missed, I am sure your sadness is also filled with funny moments or cartoons you recall that he had sent you there many years. Thank you for also, For being my friend. I hope that will be for many years to come.

  2. Anonymous7/31/2011

    Condolences to his friends & family, & the vent world in general. I never knew him, but enjoyed his posts here, & it will be very odd not seeing his name, as like you said, he posted quite often. Bill Smith

  3. Congratulations Ron, You have a fantastic item, designed from one of the best, It sounds like you will put the item to great work, Capt. Joe would be very Proud, As I am sure the classes will be to see the fantastic art work, William C. Duff