In progress...

I can see from these photos that I need to to adjust the ears on this figure, but I do hope to have him completed by first of the week. A lot of modifications that have be done to the head and neck of this Simon Sez. More than seen at first glance. I believe he'll make a very nice figure for someone. I already have a couple ideas for modifications on the next one, including making the eyes a bit larger and the ears a bit smaller. No two alike - that's what makes it fun.


  1. Anonymous7/02/2011

    incrediable transformation.........a work of art.

  2. Anonymous7/02/2011

    Great looking figure! I look forward to seeing more photos of the progress.


  3. Samuel Vladimirsky7/03/2011

    Clinton, how did you do it? What did you do to cover the face, to make it one single color like that? I mean--how did you hide the plastic hair on the Simon Sez doll?

    It looks great!

  4. Some areas are sanded off; some filled in. I just work until I get the surfaces totally even and smooth. Then, of course, the entire head is repainted - same pro painted finish as the more costly figures!

  5. Samuel Vladimirsky7/05/2011

    It looks great!! How long did the "transformation" take?

  6. Several hours over a period of couple weeks - I really don't know.