Doll Doctor

Question: Please help me find a place in Cape Town (South Africa) where I can have a ventriloquist figure inherited from my father repaired. It is very special to me.

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Mr. D: I'm very aware of the value families place on vent figures. Unfortunately, I do mot know who might be available to repair the figure for you. If there is someone in your area who repairs antique dolls, they might be willing to help you. I know my repair experience is with ventriloquist figures, but I have on occasion, done repair and restoration on antique dolls. The doll pictured here is a recent example. ("Before lower left; "After" right)


  1. Toby Van Eck and Doug Price are puppeteers/vents in south africa, I am sure they can help out. You can find them on facebook or through puppethub.

  2. Anonymous7/30/2011

    WOW Clinton! She's a real DOLL! LOL! Great job!

  3. Anonymous7/30/2011

    I wonder why she doesn't have YOU do the work! She won't find anyone better or more caring as far as the sentimental value she holds to it. Just sayin'
    Bill Smith

  4. Distance creates time and cost factors that have to be considered.