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Question: Do you prefer to have the dummy out of the case and placed in the room where you'll be performing prior, or do you include opening the case and taking the dummy out as part of the routine? I am no where close to being able to do muffled or distant voice ventriloquism yet, so will not attempt that kind of stuff.
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Answer: I always preferred to have the dummy out of the case before making my entrance when that was possible. I like enter and exit with dummy in hand. Of course, that's not always possible. My second choice was to have him sitting up, out of view, somewhere in the room, ready to go, either in the open case hidden by the lid, or behind a piece of furniture (desk, piano, etc.). Some inconspicuous place where he was easily ready to pick up and go. When that was not possible, then taking him out of the case and returning him to the case became a part of the show. You can easily have him talk with you after opening lid or before closing the lid - no need to attempt muffled/distant voice before you feel you're ready to do so. Or you can do all the talking yourself until you have him out and positioned for the show. The primary reason I prefer to enter and exit with the dummy when possible is because getting him out of the case off stage prior to the performance allows me to check his clothes, brush his hair, position arms/legs, all the while making "small talk" with him so when we walk on stage we're already in the flow of the act. "Keep it simple and do it well" and you'll never go wrong.

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  1. I prefer to have the character out of it's case before I come on stage with or without the character in hand. I used to take the character out of a case at the beginning of a show and then put him or her back in the case after performing with him. The reason I do it this way is because more than once I've had children come up to me after the show with their parents and want to know how he (the character) can breath in there and am I going to do that with the child. This is your goal to make your character human but it does have it's complications I no longer bring a character out of a case on stage.