This being the eleventh day of the month - time to award seven of the $7 2011 Antique Bronze Collector Coins. But I feel I should do something a bit special since today is 7/11/11. So I've decided each winner in today's drawing will be awarded TWO of the 7/11 coins. And those lucky winners are: Phil Nichols, Kirk Rabe, Mark Souza, Philip Defibaugh, Nancy Rosekrans, Toby Weiss, and Luetta Millheim.

This coin is destined to be the rarest of my collector coin series since the total number of coins being issued is the fewest. They are available for sale: $10 each or two for $15 PP. mahertalk@aol.com

Reminder: If you are not signed up for the prize drawings that take place on this blog, it is EASY to do so. Simply email your name to me, Mr. D., at the above email address.

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