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Question: I'm working on a project now and I was hoping you could assist me with sourcing where I could find a wig in this type (see photo). The character I'm working on is an old man and will need eyebrows and hair similar to this. Matthew

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From Mr. D: I wigged the figure in the photo you sent. And I made the wig of long fake fur (found at Michaels, Joanns, etc.). The wig is two piece, the first wrapped around the sides and back of the head. The second covering the top. The fur material is glued in place with hot glue around the edges. I cut and fit as I glue the material to the head. After both pieces are in place, I comb, trim and style.

The fur purchased for this wig was solid color black. The silver/gray streaks in the black hair are actually acrylic paint which I applied using what I call a "dry brush" technique. And I do this to the fur before I start cutting out the wig.

Eyebrows are made of the same fur. I use clear Duco brand cement to hold the individual hairs of the eyebrows in place.

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  1. Canon John Jordan6/10/2011

    What a delight and surprise it was for me when I opened your daily blog this morning, and found "Wilfred" or "Willy" looking out at me. He's doing well, and is a favourite of mine and also of all who have seen him and had a chat when he's having one-on-one visits. I was interested when your friend asked about his hair. I'm very grateful that you chose the colour of his eyes. This is especially important as he also has raising eyebrows, and so his eyes get noticed more than usual when he's seen close up. I hope your friend considers this in building his figure, and wish him well in his project.
    Canon John Jordan.