Shoeless math

Monty Crisco (right) says, "Being shoeless has its advantages, you know. Now I can count up to twenty."

Monty resides with Bob Albano. His digits were designed by Mike Brose. to who he gives "two thumbs up"!

And I have a pretty certain idea where he got that case he's sitting on, too. Nice!


  1. Anonymous6/27/2011

    "Yup, Yup", Mortimer still rules! Charlie may have been the one that launched Bergen's great & lengthy creer, but Mortimer is the one that's still copied almost to the letter, not just the style. Mort was always my personal fave, & on an a&e bio of bergen, Francis said he was Bergen's favorite too. There's even a current big name vent who copied mort {wonder who that could be. Hmmmm} Great looking figure!

  2. If he is for sale, how much is he?

    Jim Chaput

  3. This figure belongs to Bob Albano of Taiwan, and is not for sale.