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It pays to be current! That in itself was a great tip I got from a principal friend of mine years ago when I started building my kidshow business. And that statement is more true today than ever. Too many times we entertainers (ventriloquists) build shows and write routines WE want to do and want to address. We need to take a look at it from what our prospective clients want.

Every year I do a survey of some of my principal/librarian friends to see what hot topics are coming down the pipeline. Principals usually have a pretty good handle on this, as they go to district and state meetings on things of concern to elementary schools. Undoubtedly the one topic is always "bullying". With the rise of the so-called "reality" shows bad behavior seems to have spilled over even more into families and to kids. This is a hot topic that needs to be addressed. We can do the schools and kids in general a big favor by realizing this and writing shows to help alleviate the problem. Principals are receptive, and we in turn, can also profit from this, both in the integrity department and the money department. What a good feeling to do a great show on a topic that someone wants and you make some great money as well. It's truly a win-win situation.

Librarians always want topics to help book circulation and to enhance reading. Over the past few years there is a trend that many states have adopted. It is a multi-state summer reading club theme. What a great gift to entertainers!! We have a ready-made topic that automatically fits in with what libraries need! This summer the multi-state theme is "One World. Many Stories!", and it gives you enough latitude to work in just about anything. Also reading programs are a good sell to schools as they promote "Right to Read Week" as well as "National Children's Book Week", and other book-related themes.

If you are still doing the same show, the same way and are not getting the bookings with kids that you want, try using HOT TOPICS that are current and see if your business doesn't pick up. It's up to us to provide what our clients want. The time is now!


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