Gluing on eyelashes

Question: My daughter is a ventriloquist and we have 2 vent figures that were actually bought through Dummy Works. She also has one that was bought through Maher. We are wanting to add eyelashes and some earrings to the girl figure. Can you tell me what kind of glue I could use that would make these stick and also not mess up the paint?

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From Mr. D: I use Duco brand household cement applied with a toothpick to glue on eyelashes. (Duco cement comes in a green tube. I purchase it at Ace hardware but Wal-Mart may carry it.) As for earrings, I suppose you could use the same glue to permanently glue them in place. It dries clear. But, I have never done that. I have drilled a hole in the earlobe so earrings can hang from the ear.

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