Custom Case Comments.

"I just got Dolan's case home from the post office as you can see (right). Dolan loves it already! G-R-E-A-T job! I didn't want to tell you which (color) to choose, but I was really hoping for the blue interior, so you KNOW I am happy! Thanks again." Bill S.

* * * * *

"My new case arrived yesterday. It is beautiful, and I love the little strings that keep the lid from falling back. That was often a problem with the old one. Dear Wally has not yet met his new home but I'm sure he will be pleased. Thanks for the quality work." Charlie V.

* * * * *

From Mr. D: Much of my early Summer will be spent filling the custom case orders received before the May 31st cut off deadline. I appreciate your comments. Happy to be of service.


  1. P. Grecian6/08/2011

    I've already mentioned the four cases I bought from you...but let me say again how wonderful they are. I was surprised how lightweight yet strong. I have a slightly smaller case for "Niblet," my baby figure; it easily weighs three times as much and is not nearly as sturdy.
    Thanks, Clinton.

  2. Thank you, Mr. D, for the two cent coins. I may need a better case later.

  3. Anonymous6/10/2011

    Mr. Dean, I'm sorry, but you must not be aware that this was Clinton's last run on cases, as he says he will not be building them any longer. Bill Smith