Conversion of plastic doll

Question: I purchased a 5' foot plastic doll and I would like to convert it to a ventriloquist doll if it's possible. How do I go about doing that? Adrian
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Answer: Ahhh... You ask a very difficult question. Not only is the task itself a unique challenge, so are the materials dolls are made of. You say the doll is made of plastic. And the plastic children's toys are made of presents a special challenge because there are no glues readily available that bond securely and permanently with that type of plastic. When you cut out a mouth and build mechanics within such a head you'll find several situations where you need bonding agents rather than screws. Sometimes there are ways to do it, (every project is unique), but as I say, even when the project can be studied closeup, it can be difficult. A great deal of trial and error - and patience - will be required. I'm afraid trying to help you long distance would be next to impossible. You might get some ideas from my photo albums - see the photo album links in the margin of this blog.

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