Is he or isn't he?

Over the weekend I received word that a long time reader of this blog was telling people I no longer am selling the Maher Home Study Course. NOT TRUE!

I DO have the Maher Course in stock, ready to ship. And not only the Maher Course, but most of the Maher Book Publications, as well as The Bob Neller CD, Mark Wade's outstanding DVDs, Custom Carrying CASES for vent figures, and I'm building new Vent Figures as well as repairing old. So there! :)

Please freely share and/or use this quick link to get information on all: www.maherstudios.com

Thank you.


  1. let me at 'em, who would do such a thing?
    if they mess with Clinton, they gotta mess with me!!

  2. Hi Readers, Although, I never bought the Maher Course, I did buy books and Make wade D.V.D.'s and they all came quick and were informitive, fun very profeshilonal as well as interesting. Some day I am going to get the money and buy the course.
    I have learnt a lot so far from this information,, I am working on a Pirate that really doesn't understand what a pirate does He just likes the looks, And it is the In thing, but once he realizes that that involves Stealing, Murder and other terrible things, he shanges his mind and ways, he takes off his fake hook, eye patch, and Captains hat, and begans to sing Amazing Grace, it is coming along, and hope to do a show for some church soon.
    Thanks for this Blog, which has been that link I needed to make this all happen, Good luck to all my friends here, Maybe the long time reader was miss understood, or he was miss informed, But things happen. Good thing you foundout and corrected it. William C. Duff

  3. Anonymous5/06/2011

    I DID take the course, back in the 80's, when it still came with 3 cassette tapes, not a video, & all i can say is, BUY IT ASAP WHILE YOU STILL CAN!! It is,by far, THE best buck you'll ever spend in vent!! Bill Smith :))

  4. Reports of the demise of the Maher Ventriloquist Course have been grossly exaggerated!

  5. Anonymous5/06/2011

    I took the Maher course a number of years ago AND along with the encouraging comments from Mr D made it extremely helpful. I would highly recommend it. Geoffrey, Australia.