Thank you Steve & Dan!

I have to tell you - I found myself pretty much speechless when surprised with the Article posted on Dan Willinger's Ventriloquist Central about Maher Studios, and our year's of ownership in particular. Written by Steve Hurst, and titled The Reason Ventriloquism Is Still Going Strong , the article is for Adelia and me, both encouraging and humbling. When we purchased Maher Studios in 1969, we certainly had no illusions of grandeur. I simply wanted a work-at-home business that allowed me to stay at home during the years our children were at home. Then by the time the years passed and the last of our four kids left the nest as adults, I discovered I didn't know any vocation other that what I'd been doing for all that time, so I just stayed home and with Adelia's help, we just kept on doing the business of ventriloquism! Even if we had tried, we could never have dreamed how our lives would be blessed through our ownership of Maher Studios and the hundreds, even thousands, of wonderful people we would meet. Friends around the world. Just amazing. After 40+ years in the business (plus 10 years as a ventriloquist prior to purchasing Maher Studios) I'm fully aware that the number of years ahead of us at this point are few compared to those behind us. But I continue to thank God for each day and the joy they bring, largely through the people we meet and correspond with. And along the way we are blessed to experience some of the nicest surprises! Thank you again, Steve and Dan!


  1. P. Grecian4/21/2011

    The art would've been so much poorer without you and Adelia. Thank you.

  2. Clinton, don't be so humble, everything Steve said is true!

  3. Anonymous4/21/2011

    The Detweilers are among our arts's "national treasures!"

  4. Hi Mr. And Mr. D.
    " A Well Deserved Honor," It was s short but to the point account of you and your wifes true love, besides your personal children, of course, who also played a big part in it's memories I am sure with Ventriloquist fun,, I am sure.
    Keep the World Happy and You and Your Family as Well, Your Friend, William C. Duff and Family,

  5. Anonymous4/21/2011

    Dear Clinton, Just a question or two if you will? What started you personally in the field of Ventriloquism? I would like to know how the Master Puppet Maker got his start? One more question, What do you enjoy most? Is it venting itself or making and repairing the puppets?
    Warm Regards, Joe,"Capt.Joe" Radle

  6. Wow, Joe - you've asked questions I can't answer in a sentence. I'll post answer(s) as a blog post at some point in the future. Thank you for the questions...