Raking in the laughs

From Harris Deutsch:

Your novelty puppets have inspired my over the years to see potential puppets everywhere. Here's one of the puppets I wrote about last month.
In June we shared "Splish Splash, the Puppets Were Taking a Bath", at area libraries. As I mentioned, I took the Maher Course back when it was on tape cassette. Puppetry is a great connector. I have shared my nearly normal puppets from preschools to prisons. I got special permission to bring some of my props to Lansing Correctional Facility, when I worked there as a counselor. It took pulling a few strings, but finally I was able to bring them in.
These days we are combining music more with our Doctor of Laughology Programs. The newest addition is the Nursery Rhyme Blues.


  1. I am courious, What is his name " Chatter Claw" Or " Possibly "Rakey Jake!? " or even, "No - Lips Mc Rake?" I know this isn't a contest, but just courious, Thanks Bill

  2. Anonymous4/08/2011

    Thank you, Harris Deutech for inspiring me! I have had a long handled, plastic "Popper Scooper" sitting in my basement with some very sharp teeth for much too long a time. I am thinking maybe a Dinosaurs, or a scary fish. It is such a natural, with a trigger in the handle to open and close the mouth. By Jingo! Because of you Sir, I'm gonna work on it, and soon, you betcha!
    Thanks Again! Joe "Capt.Joe" Radle