Introducing Todd

Until now I've been referring to this fellow as the "Maher Studios retro-figure", but now that he's complete, this one will be known as "Todd".

36" tall, he wears size 3T clothes. Side-to-side moving eyes, head turns full circle, raising eyebrows. $495.00 (This figure is now SOLD, but I can build similar.)


  1. Steve Engle4/20/2011

    Beautiful, Clinton.

    Was this an original Maher-type head you started with?
    Or is it a new copy?

    Do you plan to make any other retro style Maher faces?

    You have my interest!!!!

  2. There will be more. I started with an origianl 40's head on which I made some modifications. Then a mold was made of the modified head. This figure is made from a new casting from this mold, as will be the retro figures that follow.

  3. I know all the original Maher heads were cast in Plastic wood, What are you using for the new retro heads?

  4. The original Maher figures of the 40's were actually upgraded commercial ventriloquist dolls made of what is commonly called "composition" material. Regal's Willie Talk (large size) and similar. The plastic wood heads came later ('50s into the '60s. The heads I'm using now are urethane.