Frustrated Freddie

Several days ago I wrote about the importance visuals have when communicating a message. We used to sell several such products at Maher Studios and here is one that I found remaing in my desk drawer. It's a card trick that deals with the dangers of drug abuse.

Freddie jumps all around in the card packet in the most surprising manner but winds up just saying "NO". Great fun and lasting impact. Cards with instructions. Awarded as today's prize to Doug Working.

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  1. I notice that the art work was done by Ed Harris. For many years his Clip Art was the standard in the magic profession. Ed did several drawings of me that I used on publicity pieces for years. Ed is no longer with us, up until recently his Clip Art was available on CD from Pennsylvania magician Eric Paul, alas Eric is no longer with us. Ed's art work still turns up on magician's brochures and probably will for years to come. Ed also did several books of Chalk-talk art that was very good.