Contest Update

The winner(s) of the Two Cent Coin slogan contest has been postponed, pending artwork design and approval on the coin itself. I can tell you the new Two Cent Coin will be the same size as the Dollar Coins, but of a different color and metal alloy. I'm as eager to get actual product in hand as some of you - thank you for your patience!

Here are a few more honorable mention entries:

"I speak for two. You can too!" Darl Bennett

"Ventriloquism: so centsible." Geoffrey Moran

"Ventriloquism: Coppertunities for fun or profit." Tom Basso

"Ventriloquism, you can bank on it." Capt. Joe Radle

"Ventriloquism an art for all ages" J. D. Haile

"The CENT-sational art of VENTRILOQUISM!" Mark McClintock

"Our VENTing is worth something!" Ron Scherer

"Two cents, two heads, no tails!" Tiffany Cox

"A penny for both our thoughts" Robert Baker

"Heads or tails? I'm calling headsticks" Bruce Burkett


  1. Hi Mr. D.
    Well, I guess I could go by history, in nearly every country that had a two Cent piece,
    The coin was bigger then a penny, about the size of a quarter but then you will pay more to have them made, then Postage cost to you, and then when you sell it, And what will it sell for, all of that you should take into consideration, I think if it was me, I would make it the same size as you had the last, Anything smaller would be hard to see and read, bigger would only serve to cost more and may be goddie, It is up to you, Just some things to consider. thanks, Bill Duff and Family.

  2. Anonymous4/23/2011

    Will you post the coin slogan winners today?