Some weeks ago I wrote about the three unfinished heads I bought back from my son on eBay, heads I started some 25 years ago but never completed. I gave them to Kevin. But he never completed them either. So last year I agreed with his decision to sell the unfinished heads on eBay - but when I actually saw the listing I struggled with the decision of not finishing them myself. So, I bought them back! Buyers remorse in reverse! Anyway, one was completed and sold last year. And now I am finishing the second of the set (shown here). The eyes will be installed this week. I hope to have an update soon.


  1. Anonymous4/06/2011

    Looks great! Are you going to install winkers and blinkers?? Dave Ferdinand

  2. Raising eyebrows, yes. Winker/blinkers, no.

  3. Anonymous4/06/2011

    Is it made of plastic wood of some type?
    Bill BIngham