Sunday's Winners

For a period of about 12 hours this past Sunday I offered one of Rev. Ed Smith's dialogue books free to the first six who responded to my offer. In the end, I'm sending a book to all who responded during that time period. The winners follow. (Those marked with *asterisk took advantage of my offer to sell a complete set of Rev. Smith's six gospel dialogue books for $12.50). All books have been shipped - winners need not respond to this post.
Bob Barrett, Frank Beasley, Jeff Brown, Rolan Corley, Ed Cima, Karn Climer, John Degel, William Duff, James Elliott, Barb Gregerson, Dean Guymon, James Hess, N Jay, *Canon John Jordan, Israel Juarez, *Bob LaBelle, *Penny Lubben, *Chuck Lyons, *Jim Maurer, Joshua Minetree, Andy Mrkvicka, Dan Peters, Charles Prouty, Kirk Rabe, Ron Schultz, Harry Schwab, Dr. Jeff Scott, Bob Steininger, David Wagner, Frank Wescott.


  1. Hi Mr. D.
    Thanks for the swell gift, I wil look very interested in seeing and reading it, Sure, I will take the 6 offer for one price, But I have to wate until Pay day, Thanks again, Bill

  2. Clinton, Thank you for the wonderful gift, it will be cherished knowing that it came from you thru the memory of Rev Smith.