Pennies for your thoughts

Here's a opportunity for your creative minds. My next coin will be a TWO CENT piece. I'm looking for a short phrase or slogan to go around the face of the coin. Something with ventriloquist theme, of course. If I select your phrase/slogan (8 word max), your initials will be engraved on the coin following your slogan and you will receive a dozen supply of coins for your collection and distribution.

Submit as many entries and as often as you wish. In case of a duplicate winning entry, the earliest submission will be the winner. Email me, Mr. D, here: mahertalk@aol.com Below is one of my ideas. Let's see what you've got.

Ventriloquism: It just makes good "cents"

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  1. Hi Mr. D. I am glad that you have had such a veriety of ideas for the slogan, rather if I win or not, isn't the point, it was great fun, I hope you find the one perfict for your needs, if you have future need for any of the slogans I tried to develop. that is great, If you are trying to come up with a prize for runner ups. I would love to have an 8x10 coloe, can be computor print of you and your big banana autographed, I hope that isn't asking too much, I would Put that in my office where I keep many of my Ventriloquist Figures. Have fun and enjoy, Thanks, Bill Duff