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From Amy Crome

My mum bought my "Fred" (Willie Winkle) when I was about 13. I did the Maher Course, then went on to win at Ace Christian Conventions and even went to the USA and won 1st place.

Over the years I have performed at weddings, parties, and church where we still give programs from time to time.

I'm now a Pastor's wife with two kids. Recently I taught classes of ventriloquism at my son's Christian School and have inspired some to take up vent. Ventriloquism is rather rare in Australia - but I hope to change that a bit.

God bless.

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  1. Hi Amy, Very interesting and congradulations on your achievements, I think Mr. D. should have a Ventriloquist- Figure photo contest, you take you and your favorite, most looks like you figure and inter a photo in a contest, ot even a video contest if possible, anyway, I think you and your figure looks a lot a like almost as you and he were relatives, I say that in a very kind way, you can tell that you asnd if possibly he habve a love family connection. Possibly put a mole on his cheak, about where yours is, add a bit of the ruge or what ever it is cauled, on your cheaks. Do you have any videos you can share, maybe Mr. D. wouldn't mind posting one for you. Thanks, The Duff Family