Who knew?

When Lori Bruner arrived for the Texas Ventriloquist/Puppetry gathering (Feb. 19th), she came with "Randy", a figure I built for her some 39 years ago when Lori was 13. She's the original and only owner of this figure and has obviously handled him with great TLC. Like so many of the figures I have built, I had lost track of its whereabouts, so it was exciting for me to see Lori with the figure in the photos sent to me this past week!
Lorie did most of her performing in the Dallas area from 1972 to 1984. Then her first child was born and as a result of the demands of motherhood, performing was pretty much put on hold. Recently, however, she has slowly been getting back into performing and it is, in her words, "my desire to use my talent for God's purpose and see where that leads."

Currently she works as a banker and takes "Randy" to schools where they talk to kids about banking and the importance of saving money. The kids are reported to be loving it! I could never have guessed when "Randy" left my shop years ago that he would end up being a financial wizard. Who knew - I'm impressed!
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Note: I've added Lori & Randy's picture to my photo gallery of figures I built during that period of my career: Click here.

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