Customer Comment: I am a former ventriloquist from many years ago. I had a figure that I lent to a cousin. He pasted away a few years ago. His sister claims that she still believes she has my figure "Sammy" somewhere in her attic. I am thinking about a come back in order to perform at church events, nursing homes, schools, company conferences, etc. I'm just not certain that I am truly that interested in a come back. If I order one of your figures and then lose interest or decide to sell the figure, is there any type of refund available, or are they fairly easy to sell on ebay? Thanks, Richard
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From Mr. D: If you are unsure about your comeback, I would not advise you to invest in an expensive vent figure. (They do sell quite well on eBay, but generally at less than full original price.) Why not consider a lesser expensive soft puppet? If you continue, you can always use a second puppet, even if you do purchase a vent figure. (It's a shame that you even have to think about purchasing a new figure when yours is stowed away unused. I hope you can convince your late cousin's wife to dig it out for you!) I would also suggest that if you decide to return to ventriloquism, that you do so with a positive attitude? Rather than thinking about yourself, think more about all the people who would enjoy and benefit from your shows. Not only would they welcome your entertainment - they need the uplift you, with your puppet, can provide!

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  1. May I suggest that Richard waste no time in getting a ventrillo-ett from Clinton while the search for "Sammy" goes on? This will give him a useful companion to practice with in front of a mirror, and is also ideal for close-up work with children, in hospitals, seniors' homes, and other areas where close-up work is ideal. This will give Richard an opportunity to re-gain the feel of a head-stick and moving mouth, and the cost is more than reasonable. In the meantime, maybe we can also encourage Clinton to come up with a leprechaun ventrillo-ett in time for St Patrick's Day, just over a month away! I hope you don't mind the gentle hint Clinton!

  2. Anonymous2/05/2011

    You speak to many with words of wisdom. The purpose of our pleasure must be shared with Others. It is the lasting value of what we say, whether thru a puppet, a pulpit, or a pen. Thanks for your ministry thru this pen. W

  3. Anonymous2/05/2011

    One way street has some great looking full body soft puppets besides their traditional hand puppets. Here's a link to their full body ones.