Uncle Earl

I completed this figure last week for a customer. I used urethane head and hands cast by Braylu. It was a fun project and a learning experience. Figure making can certainly be easier than it was when I built my first one 60 years ago! (Of course, 60 years experience makes things a bit easier, too!)


  1. Samuel Vladimirsky2/21/2011

    I can't thank you enough for blogging! I received 'Earl' on Saturday, and he looks fantastic! Thank you SO MUCH for doing this, and I'm looking forward to performing!!

  2. James Tucker2/21/2011

    outstanding! Was it hard to get the eyes and jaw in? what hardware did you use? I love your paint job on him!

  3. The eyes were simple. I did not use the included "shelf", as I always suspend the eyes using machine bolts as axle with rigid plastic tube as a bushing. The mouth was more of a challenge and required modification of both neck and jaw to get the action I wanted. I use brass rod as axle running through brass tube to act as a bushing.

  4. Anonymous2/21/2011

    Wow! Was this a custom order? Are you making any more? Who was it to?

  5. It was custom in the sense that it was finished with eye color and hair style as requested by the owner (Samuel V. - see his comment above.) I'm finishing another now, but with a different appearance. (It has been sold.) Watch for it on this blog in a week or so. And, yes, I could make more upon request.