Only at a vent convention!

With the 2011 Ventriloquist ConVENTion coming soon*, I was thinking back on some of the events from past conVENTions, and this picture came to mind. I believe the year was about 1986. Dale Brown and Chip were featured on one of the evening shows and when they walked onstage and began their routine wearing dust masks, it received one of the largest laughs I've heard from a convention audience. But, before you add the bit to your act, remember, if your audience is not made up of ventriloquists you may receive little more than blank stares!

*July 13-16, 2011


  1. At the convention one year when I was performing, I brought Horton Hogg out wearing one of those. He didn't want to get the people flu.

  2. It's a great start for beginning vent-students. You learn to deal with a figure (and yourself) and don't have to worry about your lips. A funny (hospital)dialog won't be a problem.