"Lesson 18 Dummy"

This is the completed Figure that I built as an example in the Maher Course Lesson 18 (1975 edition) on how a person could build their own dummy. I've added raising eyebrows, modified the eye mechanics so they now self-center, added a rounded half-ball base to the neck and built a new body torso with neck "socket". Admittedly he's not the strongest character I've ever built, but he'll still make a nice pal for someone. He will go up for eBay auction Tuesday, Feb. 8th. He'll come with a set of those original Lesson 18 plans (signed, as is he) plus more than a small amount of ventriloquist history.


  1. A fine looking figure, and if you go back to 1/19/10 and look at the clean mechanics inside the head you would be proud to own him. I am always impressed with the neatness of your work.

  2. I am the proud owner of this figure! I now own 3 figures made by the master himself!
    Clinton Detweiler and Maher Studios has been my inspiration since I was a young boy (which in dog years is a long time!) ( :