"The kids love him"

Bob Conrad sent me a photo of himself with "Rusty" along with this note: "He's beautiful and the kids love him."

As the builder of the figure, those are, indeed, encouraging words. However, I've been at this business long enough to know that it's more than the appearance of a figure that audiences fall in love with. Personality and character give a figure its greatest appeal, and that's up to the ventriloquist. I can make a figure look good, but that's only part of the picture - after all, a figure's good looks are only a layer of paint deep.


  1. How many figures like this one have you made, Mr. D, down through the years as a ventriloquial figure maker?

  2. Exactly like this one? Only half dozen or so. Of this size and type? A few thousand. (I have no way of knowing the exact number.)

  3. Amazing, Thanks for the information, and true Applaude goes to both Mr. Detweiler and to Bob Conrad, for making him become Real, a true friend and teacher and companion to many children and adults alike.
    The Duff Family