Jimmy Nelson at Edgar Bergen's star;
Hollywood's "Walk of Fame."


  1. Winkle and Wags2/06/2011

    One gentleman salutes another. Excellent photo. Do you know if Mr. Nelson has his OWN star on that walkway?

  2. What a great image. Two legends.

  3. I just want to annouce that there will be a Tribute given to Jimmy Nelson at the Vent Haven Convention in July in Kentucky. If you want to honor a true gentleman and legend of ventriloquism,then it woulf be wise to attend this year. Many of the greats and not so greats, including myself will be there to honor him. If you always wanted to meet a legend and some future legends such as Terry Fator, Jeff Dunham and Mark Merchant, get a chance to learn a few things from the lectures, see vents from all around the world, make it a point. Don't worry if its your first time you picked up a pupper/figure all are treated as equals, if your a brand new novice, or a well seasoned vent there is something for all. So if you want to be part of history be there, I know I will..you can always stop me and say hello, its a pleasure to meet and greet everyone. N Jay from N Jay's Wacky World Of Fun...