This photo of Dave Miller and friends was taken nearly 35 years ago. I copied it from the Ventoons book mentioned above. But someone asked me recently who made Miller's figures. While Dave has changed in appearance over the past 3+ decades, the figures not so much. And since this is about them we'll use this photo, and here's the info as Dave shared it with me:
ANDY (in the tux) was carved by Victor Rosian who was over 100 years old before he passed away.
HERKIMER (with the cap) was made by Ken Spencer.
OTTO, the big dog, was made by a wonderful teddy bear maker, Alice Michaels.
Not shown here, but you may have seen him elsewhere is WILLIE (later renamed LUCKY THE LOGGER) who is a Ray Guyll masterpiece.


  1. Anonymous12/14/2011

    Any idea where Dave is now? Does he ahve a website or a facebook page?

  2. Dave is retired, living in Portland still. He does not have a web site. I don't know about Facebook since I am not on Facebook myself.