Seven more winners on the Eleventh!

It's the 11th day of the month, year 2011 - time to draw the names of seven more winners, each to receive one of Mr. D's $7.00 Collector coins! This month's lucky 7/11 winners are as follows:
Tom Dahl (FL)
Christine Campbell (IL)
Bob Conrad (NJ)
Nancy Allen (UT)
Dave Bruhin
Sara Rice (CA)
Andy Mrkvicka (CO)

The next drawing for 7 free coins will be 3/11/11. In the meantime, I do have coins for sale: $7.00 each, postpaid.
Contact Mr. D Coins are also for sale now on eBay (same price): Click Here

PS: Many consider 7/11 "lucky" numbers. Jay Johnson tells me this is especially true for him as his birthday is 7/11! Now that I know that, I'm going to send Jay a couple extra coins this July! Anyone else have a birthday July 11th?


  1. Joshua2/11/2011

    I don't have the birthday 7/11 but I do have the birthday 11/7! When you first mentioned the coins I thought how cool is it that they have 11 and 7!

  2. Clinton My Birthday is in July on the 5th, thank you for asking. As some feel that 7/11 is lucky I have found the 5 and 7 are my lucky numbers.. Is there someone else known to us having a July birthday as well???