Red Rosin Body Question

Question: How do you make a red rosin body? I used red rosin to make a head. I thought about covering a plastic trash can about the size of a body with red rosin but haven't tried it. I am just curious about how you did it. John
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From Mr. D: The body (see post below) is made of builder's red rosin paper. It comes in a roll same size as roofing tar paper. I have a partial roll left from 1973, but I believe I have seen it at Home Depot. Tear strips a couple inches wide from the roll (torn edges are better than cut edges), soak the strips in water and use wallpaper paste (or similar) to layer the wet strips over the form, just like the common paper machie method using newspaper, paper bags, etc. I have a torso form which I cover with aluminum foil and then apply the layers, usually one layer a day (letting it dry some between layers) until it was about 4 layers thick. A wastebasket of proper size and shape would certainly have possibilities as the body form. Whatever works. Then when completely dried, I cut (Xacto knife) down the middle on both sides making a front and back half. Remove from the form and then glue the two halves together using either glue, or another layer of paper mache over the seam, inside and out (or combination of both).

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