Max Headroom For Sale

I purchased a large quantity of the Max Headroom ventriloquist doll busts after they were discontinued by the manufacturer. I wrote in my eBay description I thought the year was during the '70s?, but as I rethink the matter, it may have been the '80s (years become a bit hazy in the memory archives!).

I sold a number of these dolls as original, made others into banks, head-in-box, a desk lamp, and several into full body figures. This is the last from my inventory and he only hung around my shop this long due to a manufacturing flaw on the left side of his jaw. I've now completed needed repair and touchup of that area so he's working perfectly. I also installed a new cord and rubber band for the mouth. Clothes are original. So he'll be a nice collector's display piece for the winner of my auction. Click Here


  1. How much do you think these would be I bought one myself today at a Flea market. Trying to get a price he is in original clothes and mint condition and on the back it says 1987 Chrysalis Visual Programming Ltd.

  2. $50 - $75 ??? That's purely a guess on my part.