Detweiler Dummy gives up retirement

From Dave Boiano (photo right): I purchased this figure from a man who lives in Canada. He said he purchased it from you in 1972 and hardly ever used him. What was the model name of this figure, and what would he have sold for back in '72?

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From Mr. D: Yes, that's a figure I built. And from the photos, it appears to be in nearly new condition, wearing it's original clothes, too. Even a light-up bow tie! Change the battery and the tie will most likely work. It appears to be a "Ray" or "Russell" character. Hard to say from the photo (and my memory - ha). I tried to locate a price list from that period, but without success. I'm going to guess he sold for $295-$350. What would make that in today's dollars? $2,500 or so? I may be slowing down but I'm glad this figure of mine (now yours) is going to re-enter the work world. That's show biz. Enjoy!

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  1. I thank Dave Boiano for the Paul Stadelman tribute site.